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October 30, 2012


Do Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol?

(Thanks to Dad-O-Lot)


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if they're smart they do

Not only that, but I have noticed the more I drink, the smarter I get.

I are trying to be a genius.

Cliff Clavin explained this to Norm Peterson long ago ... but I dunno where to find it, or how to link it ... mebbe if I have another beer I can manage?

Nobel committee, I have one word for you: Miami.

I've been trying to cut back lately. Does this mean I'm getting less intelligent?


We have to. With what we know the only other choice is to go crazy.

Childhood intelligence, measured before the age of 16, was categorized in five cognitive classes, ranging from "very dull," "dull," "normal," "bright" and "very bright."
Oddly enough, the same five classes are used to describe beer.

Oh, HELL Yeah!!

Alcohol is a gateway drug. It leads to coffee.

I DO know some intelligent people that don't drink...but nobody likes 'em.

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