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October 31, 2012


Darren Aronofsky's Noah Delayed Due to Flooding

(Thanks to padraig)


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I don't like the ark this story is taking...

"Right. What's a cubit?"

* does the "got posted" dance *

er, ahem.

So, maybe this is the reboot version where Noah doesn't forget the dinosaurs and unicorns.

*snork Omniskeptic ala Cosby*

As long as Noah forget Snooki we are way ahead.

Yeah, but he did bring squirrels, apparently.

In the antediluvian period unicorns used to use squirrel tails to polish their horns. Noah was supposed to take the unicorns and leave the squirrels, but it was raining at the ink got smeared in that part of Noah's notes.

One LOL to max

All together now

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