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October 29, 2012


A suspect found inside a Les Schwab Tire store in Spokane Valley after an alarm went off told deputies it was neither his groin nor his meth found in his groin area they recovered after arresting him Wednesday.

(Thanks to Dave Hall)


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Hate when my groinal region gets mixed up with somebody else's. Well, not always.

Les Schwab ? Snooty French tire store?

Too many lawyers. Back in the day, if you were even in the same room as a groin, it was considered 'constructive possession'

Couldn't he be charged with theft of someone else's groin?

Well these guys seem to stick everything else in their pants during shoplifting....why not an extra groin.

If he's wandering the streets with someone's groin other than his own in his britches, getting arrested in possession of meth is the least of his worries.

I swear to God, Officer! That's not my mouth that said that patently absurd and fallacious thing!

Perhaps it was really actor Jerry O'Connell, in his
researching role as Herman Franken**** Munster?

I know, bad joke, bad show....

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