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October 29, 2012


Good luck. We hope you're prepared.



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Oosik! I knew there was something I forgot to get.

Good luck to the all the millions who have been or are soon to be impacted by Sandy. My hatches are battened down here in NJ. Gusty winds and rain underway and worsening as the storm center draws nearer.

Flashlight? Check.
Oosik? Um, no.
Beer? Dang! Forgot the beer.
* dialing 9-1-1- *

Toilet Paper, Check
Bread, Check,
Milk, check

We're ready here.

As usual, Walter is standing tall.

I thought the standard disaster kit was supposed to include Scrabble, alcohol and firearms. A Scrabble dictionary is suggested to prevent conflicts.

Sandy isn't affecting us any but we are supposed to get snow tomorrow. Snow in the North Carolina foothills in October? I think Mother Nature is just messing with us. I'm going to the store now to buy bread and milk. It's a N.C. state law that everyone does this when there is a threat of snow.

Chocolate? Check.

And if the idiot up the street doesn't clear the leaves that are clogging the grate outside his house, as the nice folks who know-of-what-they speak have asked us to, things are gonna get ugly.

I hope they all know to get some bleach like we do in FLA.

I've hunkerd down and girded.

Beer? Check
Beer? Check
Beer? Check


Not to be an alarmist, but don't we need a perimeter and some thigh-shooting? I mean, this is an emergency, DAMMIT.

Jan, just call a German fire department and claim there's a squirrel stuck in that grate. Problem solved in no time.

Seize the high ground, fuel up the drones, form the tercios.

As I wrote some years back in a little number called "Happy Holidays in Michigan,"

"It's safer here than someplace coastal,
But everyone I know is postal ..."

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

I'm in a concrete house on a hill, so I'm not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. Power just came back on after 3 1/2 hours, but that probably won't last -- the regional emergency dispatch channel is sending out "trees down on the wires, car, building, etc." calls about every minute, a quarter of the local electric cooperative customers are dark, and the storm hasn't even really affected us in NH yet -- just some wind and a little drizzle.

I'm well stocked with food, water, beer, ice, propane, batteries, etc. but I'm going to have withdrawal symptoms if I lose internet for days. I'll have to go back to those old-fashioned devices called "books."

How does Walter stay so slim with all that beer?

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