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October 30, 2012


'Our baby's the devil', say Colombian parents whose child can 'walk at four weeks and breathes fire'

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Could he be.....Satan? I hope mom isn't breastfeeding.

Ah, but can he change his own diaper?
I can remember when my wife asked me to check and see what was in Cathie's diaper and I replied, "Pure evil".
So, there are logical explanations.

Send him to school in Mississippi. They'll fix him right up.

Yeah, that's something my parents always used to tell me as a child: "Go hide in the fridge!"

Feed him pureed liver... then change his diaper and find out what hell really is.

Been there done that Clank'. 'Specially when they do a squirty one and you need to redecorate.

They could take care of that breathing fire thing if they'd stop feeding the kid chili peppers.

Evil Roy Slade, Jr.


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