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October 30, 2012


Woman requests legal injuction for a penis

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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If this person, and I say that not knowing what gender we are talking about here had lost said penis in some kind of accident then by all means try to replace it. Since the separation of body and penis was voluntary you don't get another. Should have taken care of the first one.

Well, it IS a woamn's prerogative to change his mind...

Wingnut is exactly right--when voluntary surgery is involved, no do-overs!

I would love to see a cross-faith panel discussion on this one. Or maybe a presidential debate. Or a reality show.

Coming up on "Religion's Got Lunatics" ...

Someone needs to make up their mind.

Oh, come on.
"No do-overs" would in some ways eliminate politicians.

Mrs. Garrison?

I love how they fuzzed out her sunglasses so they couldn't be used to identify her. Him. Whatever.

Attach it with velcro so when she/he/it changes her/his/its mind it will be easy to do.

Can't they find a living donor in a penile institution?

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