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October 09, 2012


Man in a giant hamster wheel sinks on voyage across Irish Sea


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Coming to Fox this Fall: Hamster Man!

Music by Billy Preston.

Baffling quote: " ... 30 litres of water and the equivalent of 60 Mars bars ... "

OK ... I know the Brits spell funny, but whut's the equivalent to a "Mars Bar" in metric? And isn't that an "American" company? (Despite their usin' sweatshop slave-labor as part of the production process)?

C'mon, all y'all fans of the "Metric" system ... let's make sum sense here ... or is it easier to use abstract numerical ideas to which people can actually relate ... ?

/end sarcastic cranky mode ... go finish morning coffee ...

Before anyone asks, yes, the large yellow bag visible in the picture IS filled with Guinness.

pad' ... that's why it's disguised as a life-saver, eh?

The family that founded both Mars and M&Ms had members who were some of them British and some American. BTW, they had cross Atlantic squabbles.

" ...the idea came to him while he was rowing across a lake. "

Let's hope he doesn't come up with any more dinghy ideas.

The wheel is not spinning, but the hamster is not dead.

tnx, ken in sc ... did NOT gnu that ... din't really care, but good to have that datum ... merely fer the sake of knowin' sumthin' not gnued prior ... really ... I mean that ...

Really ...

Wonder how you explain "hampstered wheeled across the Irish Sea" on your resume ?

His wife helped him build it, hmmm...

Um. Has he never heard of waves?

It sank? Ahh...

:: sad trombone ::

Can't understand what could have gone wrong...it seems like such a perfect plan.

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