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October 31, 2012


Winnipeg Blue Bombers stadium sale includes urinal trough

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Asset sale -- haw, haw. I get it. Perty funny.

That thing's probably seen more men's dangly bits than Lindsay Lohan.

There's also a chance to "purchase" a "winning team" ... dang, the Bombers have gone astray frum the days when Harry (Bud) Grant wuz bringin' home Grey Cups as tho they BELONGED in the 'Peg ...

There must be some joke involving #1 and "You're in Al". I just can't think of it......

OtU, have you taken to posting in Icelandic, or am I too sports-challenged to know what you're talking about? "In the 'Peg...?" Is that a reference to Winnipeg? Grey Cups? Huh?

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