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October 26, 2012


Attila Szoradi didn't have a Florida driver's license and wasn't interested in getting one.

"I do not wish to enter into a contract with the state of Florida at this time," Szoradi told the Pasco sheriff's deputy who pulled him over on U.S. 19.

...Szoradi provided a laminated card that said "United States Constitutional Right to Travel," as well as a white card with the sedan's VIN number, issued by the "Kingdom of Heaven," according to a Pasco County Sheriff's Office report.

(Thanks to ubetcha)


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Note: Florida...

Note: THIS is why tasers were invented.

Y'know, when you name your kid Attila, the delusions of grandeur are gonna be part of the package.

Sometimes it's nice to have visitors...from la-la land...

That settles it, then. Now I can only hope they'll honor my Certificate that Allows the Bearer to Stagger Around in a Blind Stupor. I'm just trying to blend in with the guys begging on streetcorners. And Internet off-ramps.

and get the hell off of his yard while yer at it

It sounds like Mr. Szoradi is a follower of the Soverign Citizen Movement, which is not confined to Florida. They sound like a dangerous bunch. BTW, here's what he looks like.

I ran into several of these types when I was working. Since I was with the health department, their counter-argument usually ran along the "it's my land and I can do what I want on it" line.
I could never figure out why, if the law didn't apply to them, why did the law recognize their right to property?
The best non-legal argument I had was to ask them, "If you fire a gun on your land, do you not worry where the bullet goes?"

Ernie/Steve, we used to have the same guys up here but they called themselves the "Posse Comitatus." Same haircuts, though. Must be some kind of traveling barber follows these people around.

Yah, our version of the PC outfit has faded out a bit, but sum of the sentiment is still there ... we had a few guys around the county back home that sorta got a bit too involved, but aside frum the Gordon Kahl stuff (which story wuz quite slanted to match up with the "state/federal POV" and din't necessarily tell the entire truth) it's been relatively quiet around Nodak ... no Wacos or Ruby Ridges ... lately ...

And now ... it's the Attila the Hun show!

I do not wish to buy this car license plate; it is scratched.

Digger: my hovercraft is full of eels.

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