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October 31, 2012


Senator's son accidentally shoots wife in buttocks

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Shot his wife 'accidentally on purpose', maybe is more like it.

She's in a stable? I'd've thot they'd've kept her in the hospital, for "observation" ...

"Hey, wanna see where this guy shot his wife in the butt? Really made an a$$ of his marriage, I'd bet!"

Bad aim?

Which raises the question, how do you respond to "does this bullet make my butt look big"?

As the old joke goes: "She's be in much better shape if you hadn't gutted her!"

Sofa nothing! If I were his wife he'd be sleeping in, or under, the car!

She may be "in stable condition" but to use a political term, I bet she's not in good standing.

I've always wondered how to get the missus in a "stable condition".

Now that I know, I'm in a country that does not let me own a gun.

Life is not fair.

guns dont kill.... marriages.....

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