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October 29, 2012


LA's "latest lunchtime craze", the G-Shot involves pumping filler into a woman's (oft debated) G-Spot to increase its size, making orgasm easier to reach and more intense.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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It that what they do with their time during lunch

It's way too much money. You shouldn't need a shot for ecstasy anyway.

I wonder what Allen at Division was looking for when he found this?

Though this isnt really for this article, this is an advisory to motorists, http://www.vtwinmama.com/demonic_squirrel_riding_story.htm

Dave must have been distracted. It says right in the headline: LA.

I got your vagina filler right here....

$2250? There have to be better ways to get more bang for your buck.

$2250 would by a lot of vibrator batteries.


$2250 would buy a lot of shoes...

Ms. Flukey wins.



... um ... passin' up the "obvious" question, here's another ...

Whut do they use? Fiberglass? Amalgam? Asphalt? Kleenex?

O the U: Isn't it obvious? Bondo!

SNORK @Ralph

This was my public service posting of the week...I'm always happy to suggest that I can help blog ladies achieve better orgasm...not to mention options for "pumping filler".

That Allen. Always thinking of others. Sniff.
Ralph made me blush.

What are you doing for lunch?
I'm having the taco. Super sized.

Except you're so sore from the shot you won't let anybody near you. "Not tonight honey, my Gspot is killing me."

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