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October 01, 2012


"Someone said to me 'when you heard the noise why didn't you check to see if the cat was in the machine', but how many times do you check to see if the cat is in your washing machine?"

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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Her son took the cat to school, and "the class was very confused."

Why? What's so hard to grasp about this? Happens all the time.

Now, if it had been this cat, that'd be another story.

In the dryer, should one use "time dry" or "yowl dry"?


The cat was playing Possum.

i don't know, JSG, how 'bout purrmanent press?

our evil black-and-white cat could use a spin

The washer? None.
But the dryer, ah, that was another story.
Then we'd have to carry her upstairs on the warm clothes like Cleopatra lording it over the peasants.

And when Possum was all washed she STILL had cat hair all over her. Can't win, I tell ya'.....

"Completely unaware, her 6-month-old kitten Possum had climbed inside..."

Well, duh! If the cat was aware it never would have done it.

Something similar happened to me. Our 1-year-old tabby liked getting into things, including piles of dirty laundry. One Saturday my wife and I couldn't find her. Then we both realized at the same time that we started a load of laundry about 20 minutes earlier. I flung open the top and reached into the water up to my shoulder and started pulling clothes out. No cat.

Our mistake, wrong appliance. She had crawled onto the bottom shelf of the refrigerator when we weren't looking. We opened the fridge and there she was staring back at us wide-eyed and she didn't want to come out. We asked her to confirm that the light goes out when the refrigerator door is closed, but she had nothing to say.

What Kiwi names a cat "Possum?" That's like Dave calling a pet "Squirrel."

But the cat came back, the very next day....

Sounds like a new Wallace and Gromit episode.

Her first reaction was to shut the cat back up in the washer? An obvious candidate for First Responder of the Year...

Since I got the washer or just today?

Why in hell did she close the door again once she found the cat? What would that accomplish?

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