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October 31, 2012


Speeding cyclist found naked with underpants on head

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I suppose if they're crusty enough they might make a good helmet.

Merely wonderin' if this Chmielewski is any relation to Florian ... mebbe this guy wuz on his way to a polkafest? (As long as he'd've stayed outta M/SP, I doubt he'd've been arrested ... well, mebbe in Duluth, or Onamia ...

Alternative closing scene to Easy Rider.

OK, question to all blog guys: Is there a single one of us who will openly admit that they *haven't* worn someone's underpants on their head, at least once?

"No comment, Senator."

PirateBoy, I'm pleading the fifth on your question.

There is a FAR more interesting story linked a bit down that page:


I am one of several gazillion geeks with a mad crush on this feisty little red-headed* Scot, and all of us are cursing our luck at not having been in that corridor and/or having access to the security video (in hi-def and 3d if there is any justice in the world) and wondering if volunteering for storm relief crews might put us in position for the inevitable repeat performance.

* NOT a ginger. Do not use that word in conjunction with the VERY copper topped Ms. Gillan.

"Son, you got a panty on your head."

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

"It ain't armed robbery if the gun ain't loaded."

Will that suffice?

Yes, Omni. And so would "My finance left me!"

So if he hadn't been wearing underwear on his head they would've let him go?

Pad, that's an old story from last year--but yeah. Hot naked Scottish redhead Karen Gillan naked--did I mention naked?--outside your door, knocking for help and you don't open the door to help the poor, gorgeous, naked redhead yourself? This so-called "permanent resident" of the hotel is not very neighborly!

Actually, Karen has been in Alabama filming a movie (Oculus). Unfortunately it's 5 hours away from me, which is a little too long a drive for me to spend lunch hour being a photostalker. Not that I didn't think about it. A lot.

I had to go back to the story to remind myself where this took place. Ah, yes, Poland. Yes, I believe that under the old Commonwealth (that's the Polish one, not the British one) law of cujus bovio ejus religio, he would have been released if the nearest person with a large cow agreed.

What kind of bike was he riding?

A Schwing

Ms. Flukey - storekeeper to Nicolas Cage in RAISING ARIZONA.

Free ride on the Geezer bus for you, JM. :)

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