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October 31, 2012


Justin the painting horse.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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He kept stealing her riding whip ... wonder why?

Pony Curtis?

Our son would love one of these works of art to hang next to his penguin-footprint masterpiece.

Camilla's looking better these days.

*Snork* at Moneigh!

When they film this as a biography, will the music be performed by that obscure tribute band "Haulin' Oats"?

G R O A N at PB.

Justin to critics: "Get off my back!"

If Justin were a REAL artist, he'd exhibit his poop in cans. Or maybe barrels.

I doubt that genre will become classic ... Justin still has both ears ...

The horses on my wife's farm are chefs.
They specialize in "Meadow Muffins".
I haven't tried them; they look a little too done for me.

Steve -- haiku? Or a nascent sonnet?

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