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October 31, 2012


Brown Student Remains Unconvinced There Was a Hurricane

(Thanks to jon harris)


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How does the color of his skin relate to news? (As for gnus, they're sorta brown ... eh?)

I'd say he is a perfect candidate to join this blog.

I bet he says the moon landing was fake, too!

He suffers from TMAB disease. Too Much Art Bell (Coast to Coast AM)

Daniel is a dum-dum.

He just couldn't accept that his Young Republicans rally had to be canceled so close to the election.

I'm fond of a), b), c) enumerations, but not if they leave off the most likely explanation, d) He is an idiot.

Back in the early days of the commercialization of the internet, a friend of mine started an ISP. This meant he was dependent on the experts at what was then called Ameritech for dialup bandwidth. His toddler son learned to respond to the question, "Who works at Ameritech?" by shouting, "Idiots!"

Hmmmmm, my first reaction, as it was unfortunately with the Colorado shooter, was that this is the age when schizophrenia sets in. If he wasn't joking, it's scary.

And omni - *snork*

In a couple of years, I suspect he is going to be one of the interns I get to support for a summer.

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