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October 15, 2012




(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Don't think tanning is the primary concern here.

And little Matthew proudly displayed the results of his "Photo Shop for Beginners" course.

Oh my! No, just no.

You mean he doesn't have that je ne sais quoi that appeals to you as a woman, cindy?

Jeff, are you saying he's French too?

You tell him.
No! You tell him.

do they all wear their IQs on their thongs?

At least he can count to 11!

Why do I get the feeling that he is:

a) Single

b Fabulous!

Looks like he could be winner of contest happening in Denmark.

A reminder not to overcook YOUR turkey this Thanksgiving.

eww. just ewww.

From the look on his face, I'd say the thong is a bit tight.

I believe the correct term is "banana hammock."

"I am....TAN-MAN!"

and this is the guy they elected governator in caleeefawnia? wow. serious lame-itude.

Jeff, I dated a guy with a je ne sais quoi. I like Lexus better.

What is that next to the number 49.... Oh my, never mind.

He looks like a bad cross with this guy!

Soul mates!

Perhaps it's a real tan, only he forgot to take off his Jack in the Box clown head.

But did you see the face of the Sherminator next to Arnie? Way scarier than tan man and his budgie smuggler

What can Brown do for ..... er, um, never mind.

I'm French, and you cracked me up! Anyway, i HAD to laugh, I don't have a lot of muscles :-)

Yuck, gross looking.

Cuir bouilli

I don't think it is a fake tan. I think they paint themselves black to make their muscles look bigger.

That's just wrong on so many levels...ewww...

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