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October 28, 2012


Mississippi School Charged With Arresting Kids For Flatulence

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, who says "had they done that at my school, I'd have gotten a life sentence.")


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So let me get this straight: corporations are people, the unborn are too, but between five and eighteen, something happens that makes people not people?

I agree that many of our little darlings these days are frustrating, miserable, ill-conditioned little twits. But I don't see how that denies them constitutional protection. After all, plenty of adults meet those criteria, and we seem to bend over backwards for them.

Zero Tolerance. What a wonderful idea...

If zero tolerance is your goal there is only one way to achieve it: all girls school

Everyone knows wearing the wrong color socks leads to swearing, and then flatulence.

line forms to the right.

Way, way to the right.

Just proves that zero tolerance policies are for a$$es.

Just proves that some people have zero tolerance for intelligence and/or judgement.

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