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October 26, 2012


Vancouver vegetable magnate barred from his own hot tub after noise complaints reach B.C. Supreme Court

Yes, "vegetable magnate."

(Thanks to The Perts)


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there are absolutely NO LEEKS in my jacuzzi

Do, like, corns and beets and pumpkins stick to his body when he's walking through the fields?

Hogs' ... more like beans & spinach ... them veggies are high in iron content ...

I have fruit magnates on my refrigerator.

As long as the hot tub has no leeks, his position is that the neighbors should not carrot all about reasonable noise levels in a city. Turnip the volume!

Guys, guys, guys...it's just another day in the asylum that we residents of the Vancouver area accept. We have learned to accept that a significant proportion of our citizens are stark raving mad. Whenever things like this happen, we just point to the sky and say "ohhh look, another bald eagle" or "aren't the mountains beautiful today?"

We live in paradise, but the cost is that many of us, to live here, have to shell out close to $1M to buy a house here.

But the eagles are pretty....

Vegetables in the hot tub. Isn't that the theme of that Stone Soup story the geezers read when we were young-uns?

Oh, Afkat, "stark raving mad."?
I don't mind being a little crazy.
But there's no way I'm doing it naked.

what, Steve, you don't like Miami?

“... from his penthouse, he can hear screaming from games at B.C. Place Stadium, bongo drums during the jazz festival..."

In those old jungle movies, the screaming only starts after the drums stop.

I thought this would be a story about noted playboy (although considered a bit cold) Clarence Birdseye...

A) sneak upstairs
B) toss in a carrot, a stalk of celery, an onion, handful of salt, and some cayenne
C) turn the heat way up
D) wait for the real screaming to start

Problem solved.

Too much veggie roughage.
Toss in a little Beano and the noise level ought to let up quite a bit.
On the other hand, there go the bubbles.

Laughing at all ! Good stuff.

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