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October 30, 2012


80,000 Pounds of Walnuts Stolen

(Thanks to bonmot, Bill Moore, Greg Snow, Jeffrey Brown and skshowa, all of whom suspect the squirrels)


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Sometimes you feel like a nut

Wanna buy a nut?

That's a whole lotta nuts.

so many nuts. so little time.

sometimes you feel like a nut....

I'm glad they included the clear color photo. Makes it easier to ID the wayward nuts if any of them turn up in public.

So ... these nuts are hot?

The squirrels are getting bolder.

we are gonna need more brownie mix

If he likes nuts so much, why doesn't he take some of our politicians?
They litter the landscape.

If we'd known they needed walnuts they could've come to our house and hauled away ten times that amount from the lawn under our black walnut tree out front.

I saw a film about this, I think. Guys running around Italy in tiny little cars. It was called "The Nut Job."

I wonder if they have any thumbs?

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