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October 28, 2012


 Take air freshener.


(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Is the picture to scale?

So of course, what this made me think of is the classic old tune, Great Big Gobs, etc. But being older than dirt, I couldn't remember much more than the first line, so I googled it. Before I'd even finished typing, I was directed to, you guessed it, a Wikipedia entry for the song. The Singularity is near.


Oh, that is infinitely worse than spilling a truckload of beer.

I'd offer to help clean it up, but I haven't got the guts.

So the driver believes in catch and release?

Omni, I'm sure it says something unpleasant about me that I don't have to google the next "greasy grimy gopher guts" line...although back in 1865 when I was a kid I thought the words were "groffa grits". Didn't make any sense, but kids don't need things to make sense to find them funny......
I think there's a line in there about "..wish I had a spoon"....

This wouldn't even make the news in New Jersey.

Kitty litter.

Groffa grits was a marginally-popular early product from Kellogg, as I seem to recall. Named after Herman "Gritty" Groffa, the Korn King of Kalamazoo and founder of the online dating site, eHominy.

So, spilled his guts, eh? I'll bet they had a whale of a time cleaning that up.

And it probably gave motorists a major haddock, too.

Thank cod this was just a fluke occurrence.

Speaking of flukes, the driver's name? Gil. (Yes, and he's a Pisces, girls!)

Lucky he didn't get hurt, otherwise he might've needed a sturgeon.

I heard he slipped the cop a fin not to give him a ticket.

You understand, we're just making puns for the halibut. (So stop carping about it!)

Eat them up, yum.

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