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October 30, 2012


Let us know how you're doing.


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My daughter (who lives in Manhattan) had me send an e-mail to her place of work (her internet is down) to let them know she will try to make it in later.

This seems kind of pointless since their internet is down too, but I guess it's the thought that counts.

Stay safe up there, folks.

Hoping you all are OK up there!! Meanie??? Please check in when you can!

I've heard from Guin who lives in Boston.

Yup, Boston is okay. My neighborhood lost power yesterday afternoon and it's still off, but businesses and schools are open today. Nice and sunny! Not too much damage compared to New York/New Jersey.

Big blow in NH! Power went out for a couple of hours, but the crews were ready for it! 70 degrees here today!

albany ny is just fine. my sister in queens is ok too, but my mom's in a rehab place in great neck following surgery a couple wks ago, and she's fine but they have no power. all the nyc offices are closed, and roads are closed too. but all in all, northern queens did just fine. in albany - nothin happened, sun is out now.

Jeff Meyerson is also fine. In fact he and his wife are out west visiting family so they missed the storm completely.

Greetings from Maryland. Power is out, water is high but the storm is over.

Restoration rumors have us getting power back today.

Could have been a lot worse, here outside DC. Lost the third and last of the pine trees, but it missed me and my neighbor. If I lost power for more than 10 seconds, it was overnight and I didn't notice; given the track record, that is astonishing. I do have a roof problem, though -- there's a drip in the kitchen ceiling now.

Toronto/Niagara Peninsula area still pretty wet 'n' windy and a good few power outages/schools closed but all-in-all we're mostly just picking up branches.

Falls Church VA is OK. Loud boom around 10 or so as a transformer blew, but I didn't lose power.

Falls Church VA is OK. Loud boom around 10 or so as a transformer blew, but I didn't lose power.

No irate monkeys sighted yet, but we're on high alert.

Also checking in from New Hampshire (Manchester area). All is well here, lost power for four hours, no big deal.
Still trying to figure out why a tree across the street caught on fire when it wasn't touching power lines and there was no lightning

We're OK up here on the high ground in Brooklyn; have power, water, internet & intact roof, so we're good. Thanks for asking.

Hi Poker! *waves from NH Seacoast!*

Hey Punkin ;-)

Thank God you're all okay! Praying for all of you affected by this storm.

Nothing much to report from south of Rochester,NY got rain, no limbs came down, dead tree hovering over back of house stayed put!

I have the happy news that the electricity is now back on at my house! :)

Co-worker lost power due to high winds from storm. And THIS IS INDIANA ! Can't imagine what its like for all on the coast.

Way-to-go Guin!!!

Central PA got significantly less rain and wind than predicted, so we're doing fine. The lights didn't even flicker yesterday.

Arizona is ok. Temperature in the mid 80s, 5% humidity, no clouds.

What? East coast? Ok

Never mind

The lovely Bumble is stranded in Hell Newark. She got stuck returning home from Nurse Cindy's place. I think it was Cindy's fault. Well, that or the blue bras. But I digress.

Sthnbelle was doing OK in PA as of 10 last night and Blue expects to be offline for a few days.

My son reports from Sterling, VA, that all is well. No power out for them, even, although other NVA areas did.

Didn't know there were North Vietnamese Army areas in Northern Virginia? Oh, yeah. They just don't talk about it much.

And mudstuffin is sad that the snow he got at his house has already melted.

Diva, if Bumble had only flirted a little with the waiter I tried to fix her up with, she wouldn't have been stuck in Hell Newark.

Poker, blame it on the squirrels.

Hey Hammie, we're in the land of 11% humidity too. We changed our flight home from Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning - keep your fingers crossed JFK is back to reasonably normal by then.

As the coverage person for Bosnywash, I asked that there be a roving temporary smoking area surround me.

The *(&^% who can approve the temporary smoking area is in DC.

All is well in my part of Boston Metro-West. They closed the office yesterday so I stayed home and watched the first four James Bond movies while catching up on some sewing. The wind made me and one of the cats a little nervous occasionally, but we never lost power.

Hey Poker? Better check and see if the fire breathing kid was in the neighborhood....

Glad everybody's safe!

Power is still out in a lot of towns around me in central NH, but there was only a 3 1/2 hour blackout yesterday afternoon here and a few short glitches later. Now I have to dump all the extra water and ice, reset the clocks, and explain what happened to my fish.

Hi Jean. I didn't know we were neighbors. The wind made my dog very unhappy, but the cat thought it was an excellent opportunity to sleep for sixteen hours.

We lost a ewe to wind and falling trees, and we'll probably be without power for a few days. This was a really bad storm.

I keep thinking of the great old one-panel comic that showed a bunch of guys marching in the desert for the French Foreign Legion. One says to another, "I'm here because I'm trying to forget about a girl. It's difficult, because her name is Sandy."

Good luck to us all.

Dave and Judy and all the commenters here keep my spirits up.

Finally got my power back on here in Northeast PA. (From a high of 400,000 without power to 283,000 today). Still some roads closed while they clear fallen trees. I had one small basement window broken. Our area had an eight year old boy killed by a falling tree. Very sad.

My son and DIL in lower Manhattan (Wall St.) is still without power but they're safe. My daughter and SIL in DC made it through as well. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts.

Still waiting for power and internet. And phones. And sanity. (OK, last part has been missing for years, but .....)

Our house lost its chimney cap, but no tree damage or other destruction to our place. All around me, though, ..... yikes. And, as a former resident of Breezy Point (grew up there, left about four years ago), extreme yikes.

This is the first chance I've had to turn to entertainment stuff.

Thanks, everyone, for your concern, and hope all others are making out alright.

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