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September 15, 2012


The World's Largest Onion.


(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)



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The Telegraph UK has lots of great pictures of the giant vegetables. This fine gentleman also grew the prize-winning enormous cabbage. Also:

That would be: THE GIANT MARROW.

Why isn't he crying really big tears?

What kind of fertilizer do I have to get to grow a prize-winning bacon?
I don't even care about the tomato and lettuce. Just some massive bacon.

I got your giant marrow right here.

That's a big onion. You would only need one of them to use while I am canning salsa.

Big deal. I saw this in The Onion about 8 years ago.

I don't think that's going to fit in my Slap Chop.

If he carries it home in his Baskit, all the village women will follow him. Plus judi.

I don't carrot all about this.

If it was a truffle, he could retire.

Chop that up while watching the evening news.

We're gonna need more batter...

Ok, he's the world's biggest onion, but what's that he's holding?

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