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September 27, 2012


Rogue Ales Creates Brew Out Of Yeast From Brewmaster John Maier's Facial Hair

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Hair of the dog?

If that gets out, it'll kill attendance at Oktoberfest.

We saw Magic Yeast open for Bread...

bottoms up, Dave!

There once was a hairy old briny man,
Whose beard grew more yeast than his HEINEKEN...

It's an infectious concoction.

Scientifically, it totally doesn't matter where the yeast strain comes from, because they are not putting the beard yeast into the beer. They are putting yeast descended from that yeast, presumably yeast grown on a sterile medium. Also, it would make sense that he would have the right yeast on his beard, as he has been working in a beer factory all his life. So, yeah, the researcher in me says why not.

But emotionally, there is a ick factor.

Didn't he run Poppy Bush's Presidential campaign?

There's an old adage that if he has yeast in his beard, birds won't nest in it. Yeast is yeast, and nest is nest, and never the mane shall tweet.

Owww, Ralphie.


I looked at that headline 4 times at least, and it kept coming out "Roger Ailes" instead of "Rogue Ales."

Me too, Omni. And beards are only one of several places yeast occurs on the human physique, IYKWIM.

Ralph, that is one of my all-time favorite dumb jokes. It always provokes groans.

If I grew that beer (?), I'd name it "North by NorthYeast".

Literal SNORK out loud at Ms. Flukey!


I'd rather have a dick stick. Well, maybe not.

For a spammer, that's a remarkably literate and sensitive piece of poetry. Cogent, too.

Parker, I am in love with your bear words.

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