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September 28, 2012


How long does it take to afford a beer?

(Thanks to wiredog)


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So proud.

That explains all those people hanging around Autobahn exits with "Will werk fur bier" signs.

USA, USA. We're number one in cheapest beer/work hour ratio. Nice that we're still number one in something.

*Swills with pride*

This leaves the Big Mac index for dead.

We're Number One!

And that's why we need the Federal Reserve. If not for them, we wouldn't know all this and our lives would be worthless.

The US beer may be cheap but it still tastes like bat urine. I'd rather wotk a few minutes longer and have a good beer.

"Heineken?!? F*ck that sh*t! Pabst Blue Ribbon!" -- Dennis Hopper, Blue Velvet.

Remember what Dave said: The rest of the world is drinking Ray Charles beer while we're drinking Barry Manilow.

Please don't tell the Feds or they will add a beer tax. It's just not fair.

It's even cheaper if you make your own. you can make about five gallons for ten dollars.

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