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September 26, 2012


Vampire squid are sea's garbage disposals

Vamp-squid 660

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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That is one great steampunk catcher's mitt. Where's the squid?

I saw them open for Zombie Bees.

Of course it lives in Dark Shadows.

Send them to Congress!


They are SO cute. Ima gonna get one, and keep him in my bathtub, and call him "Inky," and when he dies Ima gonna have a taxidermist turn him into a lampshade.

Pad, will he be on the lamp next to the one that used to be a replacement ref?

'dog, shhhhh.

Actually the refs are the last ones I'm mad at. They got sucked in over their heads. As soon as they go back to reffing St. Olaf vs Augustana instead of Packers vs. Vikings, all is forgiven.

They lost me at "larvae poop."

Good evening, and welcome to The Deepwater Garbage Disposal Cafe. I'm Bonita, I'll be your server for tonight. Would you like to hear our specials?


Well, for starters we have a crustacean antenna salad, garnished with eyeballs and topped with a light mucus dressing. Our entree special tonight is grilled larvae poop over assorted marine detritus, done with a savory flotsam-jetsam reduction and sprinkled with salp flakes.

"What is salp?"

Salps are tiny jellyfish-like creatures, sir.

"Oh .... are they fried?"

Yes, in fish oil.

"Can I have crustacean legs instead of the salp?"

Absolutely. Very good, sir.

"Thank you. And ... a bottle of swill, please."

My gosh! I just realized I have a cousin who's a Vampire Squid.

This shouldn't be called the 'Vampire Squid', it should be called the "First Baseman's Mitt Squid'...

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