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September 26, 2012


Flaming squirrel ignites grass fire

(Thanks to Art Kraus)


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I'm trying not to laugh at this unfortunate situation, but, really, I'm laughing a lot.

Grass Fire always plays a better set when the Flaming Squirrels open for them.

Finally, we're taking the battle to the enemy!

Look, it's a lifestyle choice, okay! No reason to get burned off about it!

Was there a Dead Squirrel bounce?

Another furry with a singe on the top.

@Ralph - Nice!

I'm just a squirrel who can't say no.

Where the squirrels come flaming down the plains...

Read it now on Kindle! Flaming Squirrel, the new Gothic romance from Amanda Bodice-Ripper.

He seems to have chosen cremation.
The Natural Choice.

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