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September 28, 2012


Chickenhead and squirrel bob and dave gg12
(Your caption here)


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Maxwell Smart's disguised cone of silence?

My coworkers look like that already.

I'm getting the horse head for halloween...

This clarifies many things.

Ok Mr. Chicken, you do the driving and I'll take care of pursuit vehicles by disabling their GPS feed from my laptop. And don't forget your disguise. It's in that plastic bag, on the desk there, in front of you.

"I'm acting squirrelly, huh? Well YOU'RE a peckerhead! This meeting is over."

Hey Dave! Look at the Giant Squirrel!

haaaa. i think i agree with mikeyva.

ahh say, son, son, you looks like you could use a shave....

So, why did you cross the road?

The blogging staff hard at work.

"Quit acting cocky and get back to work."

"I'm telling you, using the wires over the road is a lot safer."
"But why do I want to cross the road in the first place?"

Which one is Judi?

and will mrs. chicken be attending the conference with you?

Ok Mr.Chicken indeed.(above post funny) Just what does the chicken and the squirrel have in those baggies? Did they just want to get dressed for Halloween early this year.

Don't give me no lip!
Oh. Sorry. Don't give me no beak!

Although, I may go as Barry Manilow.

I wouldn't think I would have to explain "pecking order" to YOU!

Henny Penny, I can't reveal who but someone squealed and said this was your grass. We have a zero tolerance policy on grass in the barnyard cube farm.

Ah say, ah say, suh. You'all should be cuttin' down on the coffee. And where's your brother Dale?

i thought the 'person' who squealed was the piggie.....

eve, nursecindy, and Ford79 are all tied for "best caption" in my mind.

That presentation was awful. You really laid an egg.

That looks more like a Puma than a Squirrel -- except maybe for the ears.

OK Dude. So you bring back the books, the year planner, and the motivational poster, and we'll overlook the other stuff. Deal?

"Just put it on my bill."

Is that an Emmy or a garden hose nozzle in the pen holder on Dave, er, Mr. Squirrel's desk?

You'll work for chicken feed, and you'll LIKE IT.

It's not working. PETA's not going to be happy until we take all our meat rub products off the market.

I'd try on the horse head, but I'm a little chicken...

"You say the sky did what??"

"Ok big talker, you got 10 days to move this weed"

"Tell me Again how this is 'just grass'?"

Typical high tech employees. All you need is a pig on top.

No! If Fox wants this interview the rubber heads stay ON!

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