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September 27, 2012


Are You Pooping Wrong?

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, who says "I can't do anything right.")


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So now us geezers our elderly should squat in bed wearing the Japanese rental toilet?

...wait, run that by again?

"Simply put, it straightens out the colon."
So the rest of us have semi-colons?

Didn't Slate have an article on that a few months ago? I'm pretty sure it was blogged here.

And a quick google shows: Two years ago.

If one squats like that one doesn't have a lap to put one's book on.

I'm thinking I'd need a full set of grab bars to even have a chance of standing back up after a squat.

"Note: Users will not be able to comment on mobile devices." So mobile squat toilets are now available, and they move so fast you can't get a word in while using them?

jon, the problem is that your colon is a question mark when it should be an exclamation point (or is that excremtation point).

I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything, but my way has been working for several decades now. It must, or mrs. wingnut wouldn't keep putting those scented candles in the bathroom.

My husband is an avid backpacker, and that bunch has known this for a long time. Having to poop in the woods on a regular (har!) basis, they know waaaaaay more about pooping efficiency than those scientists ever will.

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