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September 30, 2012


One in three busy Brits believe it’s acceptable to answer a mobile phone call during sex, it has been revealed.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"What's up with you".


Reminds me of the scene with Danny DeVito taking the wrong number call in RUTHLESS PEOPLE.

I love my iPhone but not that much.

Oh, it's the brits. They don't have all that many opportunities to apply this judgment call, anyway.

Bob: Oh, man, that is just ... oh, .... oh....

Carol: Wow, I love it when you ... mmmmmmm .....

*RING 1*
Bob: Damn! Sorry, I gotta take that, but, er, *wink* let's not stop, OK?

Carol: Mmmmmm .... okayyyyy....

Bob (into phone): This is Bob .... Hey! Ted! Good to hear from you. I was hoping you'd call, we need to get that job offer out before we lose our chance, and ...... Ted, you still there?

Ted *hurriedly removing hand from mouthpiece*: Yeah, Bob, I'm with you. Wait, can you hang on just a sec?

*RING 2*
Carol (whispering): Oh, my .... It's Alice. I've been trying to reach her for days. I'm gonna take this. (Into phone): Alice! Hi, where've you been hiding? I've been calling you since Thursday .... Hey, what's that noise in the background ... is that moaning ... ha! Sounds a little bit like Ted....

Isn't this one of those countries that suffers from a low birth rate?

I am NEVER going to ring Prince Charles again. Never.

There is just something wrong with that.

yeah. what's up with that!

They must not be doing it right

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