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September 13, 2012


Man pays $137 ticket with 137 origami pigs


(Thanks to Mike Ester)


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I wish I had six hours to be that creative. The box was a nice touch.

This little piggy went to Dunkin'
This little piggy went to Krispy Kreme
This little piggy had coffee
This little piggy had none

.. and THIS little piggy is ROTFLWTIME !!

My son used get old 3x5 cards and cut them down into small squares and sit in class at school and fold them into tiny origami frogs. He made thousands of them; we still have gallon ziplock bags full of them around. Far as I know, he didn't get in trouble for it, so his teachers must have known and he must have been paying attention, but still...sure wish he'd've spent that energy on some schoolwork, huh?

Paying off the police with little pigs.... hmmmm, can't help thinking there's some kind of subliminal message hidden in there.

This guy's moniker is Bacon Moose.

I see a theme here (or an obsession).

I think it's a little cruel to take two empty doughnut boxes into a police station. But I love his creativity.

That's why it's called " folding money " .

If he started now, I bet the guy could fold enough origami pigs to pay off the national debt by 9910, give or take a millennium.

My paper airplanes crash and burn.
I feel so...inadequate.
(Man, wouldn't that be great, paper airplanes that would burn fiercely after crashing? Who here would buy tickets to see that?)
(OK, ladies, you're excused).

Steve get yourself some paper caps (the kind used in cap guns). take 4 of them and fold them over on themselves so the circular explosive parts are on top of each other. do that again with 4 more caps. put a paperclip on the nose of a paper airplane so that about 1/2 inch of the paperclip is in front of the nose and can push back when the paper airplane crashes. Put the bundles of caps under the paperclip so that the "arm" of the paperclip will rub across them when the plane crashes. About 1 time in 4 the plane crashing will result in an explosion (nice tension effect, will it or won't it go off?) I'm sure something could be applied to the paper to make it ignite when the caps go off. ah memories of a misspent youth.

NOTE: I used to make square wing paper airplanes. I don't know this will work with the classic dart, but it should work with the Blackburn design which is a similar pattern.

I'm amazed that I'm the first commenter on this thread to notice that "Origami Pigs" WBAGNFARB.

max, you sound like a man to admire. You've put a lot of time and thought into making something explode when there is no real-life advantage to doing so.
I salute you!

I love this guy. Even better than paying with pennies.

The best part of the plan has to be eating all them donuts to make room for the origami pigs.

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