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September 27, 2012


Gardening naked in England.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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"Fancy a hedge trim, Miss?"

When it catches on in Sweden, I'll start paying attention.

Padraig --
I heard something about Green Bay recreating the event. Fans are supposed to show up "ready to garden" as it were at the next home game.

Nah. But we are going to have a "Naked Snow Shovel" if the field needs clearing for any game in December.

Given that the only gardening tool I've purchased in the last twenty years has been a parang, I think I'll keep my clothes on. The authorities here aren't as used to nude people as they seem to be in Florida.

To quote the late, great Lewis Grizzard:
Don't Bend Over In the Garden, Granny - You Know Them Taters Got Eyes.

There's better ways to feed mosquitos.

Stiff upper lip, what?

Naked blogging is the next great fad.

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