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September 27, 2012


Tycoon offers HK$500 million to wed 'married' daughter

(Thanks to jon harris)


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like father like daughter : he's got a thing for women and so does she.

Girls just wanna have funds.

She's kinda cute. What the heck, I'm in! Where do I pick up the chick and the check?

For $500 million HK, I would never have had meet her!
She could have remained there, and I could have stayed here, in my new PirateMansion.

Explaining this to Mrs. PirateBoy, however, might prove difficult.

confucius say: lesbian who drives around in ford windstar full of dismembered penises is a dick van dyke

ligirl, if you've been waiting your whole life to use that joke, you've had a very short, sad life.

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