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September 28, 2012


How to see Uranus in a telescope this weekend

(Thanks to Pete Christensen)


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What would we ever do without Uranus and asteroids?

"in" a telescope? Spank the editor!

The headline writer seems to have mixed up the subject and the direct obect.

As a whole, that's a pretty dirty crack.

*indirect object

The article states that Uranus is also dimly lit!


If you know exactly where to look, it is just possible to see Uranus with the naked eye.
*make sure curtains are all closed*

I love getting to feel like a sixth grader again.

"...it is just possible to see Uranus with the naked eye...."

However, stretching exercises and safety goggles are recommended.

"Uranus: Inside and Out Infographic"

Oh dear.

"Perhaps we should pronounce it 'Oor-a-nus'".

Like THAT's gonna happen! The writer clearly has no concept how many sixth-graders are avid readers of Dave's Blog.

I disagree, Uranus is easiest to spot during a full moon.

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