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September 28, 2012


Norwegian researchers have concluded that the more work a man does in the home the higher the risk that a couple will get divorced

Advisory: Butt crackage.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Faulty research.

Doesn't watching the Roomba vacuum the carpet during the football game count as helping?

Other than for Judi or nursecindy why is there a guy's butt crack showing in that article?

I would guess it is to console all the women who were just about to throw a brick through the monitor.

The amusing thing is that this exactly contradicts a study from a few years back. It showed precisely the opposite correlation. But nevertheless, someone will get tenure, most likely.

There is nothing sexier than watching a man do the laundry. Trust me on this one guys. I also appreciate the butt crackage shot.

What kind of crack is that supposed to be?

Cindy, I do the laundry all the time. And I did indeed notice that a drunk girl complemented me while I was carrying a basket of whites, but I assumed that was because she was very, very, unsober.

This has something to do with throwing all the woman's clothes into the washer at the same time, using too much bleach and drying the resulting wad on the " cottons " setting, doesn't it ?

*SMACKS* Clankie. Only if you want to go clothes shopping all weekend.

I won't let my husband see this one -- he might stop loading the dishwasher.

I don't think my wife even knows where the laundry room is. Well, that may be an exaggeration but she has never used the washer or dryer in all the years we've lived here.

NTTAWWT, right cindy?

Your wife is a wonderful woman, Jeff Meyerson. Now if you'll excuse me I need to send her an email.

This has to be true. One time I emptied the dishwasher for my first wife and not long after that she demanded a divorce.

Don't thank us. We're just not doing our job.

Even better was the linked article about how a former Miss Denmark sued a town in Norway because she slipped on some ice. Who expects ice in Norway? It's not like they ever hold Winter Olympics there, or something.

Oh, wait.....

If her feet are so cold, ice forms on them... whose fault is that ?

I guess Dave's busy cleaning the house today.

I doubt it, cindy. Dave cares too much about his marriage to risk it in that way.

I do the laundry. Who ever gets out of bed last makes up the bed. My wife does the dishes. I pretend not to notice to avoid putting them away.

They're holding the Winter Olympics in Sochi, so I don't think the presence of ice has anything to do with them. That or they've seen Dr. Zhivago too many times and assume all of Russia is a frozen wasteland.

There is nothing sexier than watching a man do the laundry. Trust me on this one guys. I also appreciate the butt crackage shot.

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