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September 17, 2012


Police hunt Victorian toilet bomber

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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East Gippsland? Weird names down there in Oz...

Still on the loos?

At least this didn't happen in Croajingalong National Park -- yet.

The Victorian Toilet Bomber was (not is) an experimental aircraft design, not a person. A collaboration between the Putney-Thripp Air Vehicle Works of Drooling-on-the-Parquet, Lancashire, and an American designer, Harford "Mad Harvey" Shortview, it was first offered to the Ministry of Aviation in 1937, proposed as a four-winged, single-engined strategic bomber with a range that would allow it to reach most industrial targets in France. And drop toilets on them.

It was pointed out to the designers that a) most modern bomber designs involved four engines and one wing, not vice-versa; b) that toilets, while nasty, were not necessarily lethal; and c) it was Germany, not France that was the most likely upcoming adversary. And by the way, Queen Victoria had been dead since 1901. The design team reportedly said, "Oh," and weren't heard from again.

Omni: It should also have been pointed out that France has no industrial targets.

In 1937 they at least had a cheese manufacturing capability. During the war, it shifted to Wisconsin where it remained until destroyed in the recent Mitten unpleasantness with Michigan.

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