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September 15, 2012


Danish nursery workers are offering free childcare - so busy parents can find the time to make more babies.

(Thanks to Greg Snow, who says, "You know, the concept is a good one. I'm afraid Mrs. Snow and I would use the 2 hrs to take a nap.")


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Are coaches involved? Because after you have had kids, you forget how certain things are done. At least that seems to happen to the

I'm going to my local watering hole, Mrs. wingnut is going shopping. Grandparents try this trick all the time to get more grandkids but I don't think it works very often.

There's an old story about a soldier who asked for emergency leave so his wife could have a baby with him there. When he returned, the sergeant asked if it was a boy or a girl. The answer: "I don't know; it takes nine months."

It's not that people don't have time. It's that people have birth control.

Wait, they want more Danes? Not that I have anything against Danes, but is there a shortage?

And are they trying for just ordinary ones, or ... wait for it .. great Danes?

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