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September 17, 2012


A 12-step program for drawing a pirate.

This blog's effort:



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You used copious amounts of hallucinogenics in the 70's, didn't you?

Go ahead, take a couple of extra steps. We'll never tell.

Picasso drew pirates?

Now understands why Dave is a humour writer and not a cartoonist.

Don't quit your paper route, Dave.

If you turn it upside down it looks like Lindsay Lohan.

was this done with a wretch-a-sketch?

My name is Not My Usual Alias and I'm a sketchaholic.

Is there another kind of 12-Step Program?

Dave's pirate figure: [Placing blade tip in unsuspecting victim's back]
Avast ye scallywags! Turn and hand over yer booty, or be cast into the briny!

Victim [turning to face pirate]: Yikes! No, please do---- BWAAAAAA-HAH-HAH-HAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Dave's pirate figure: Curse that pen-challenged blackguard!!

Dave it is disturbing that you, of the left handed persuasion, chose to amputate that hand, to make the pirate a righty (NTTAWWT).

Dave draws just as well as my grandson and I think that's pretty good.
'Course my grandson is 5.

I wonder if Mrs. Blog will put Dave's drawing on the refrigerator?

This draws a pirate using P,J,S,T,3,8 -- what happened to Arrr?

Ralph - without a P he'd be irate

It occurs to me that we can continue ligirl's excellent suggestion by removing letters successively to make rate, rat, at, and a. Now, could someone please get me a clue?

A clue? Of course, Sir. Would you like rat with that?

Hmmm...no legs. He won't get FFFAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!

Of course, if he plays golf he may be able to make PAAAARRRR!

bottom half missing?? - must've been SHAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRK.......

Dave shoulda gone to ARRRRRRRRRRRT class!

I would like to see Sophie take a crack at it. You know, for comparative purposes.

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