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September 28, 2012


Colorado "Frozen Dead Guy" festival to go on with or without corpse

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Is it too soon to make Ted Williams jokes?

I never knew we had a Cryonics Institute in Michigan. The blog is downright educational.

With the address they give, I assumed it was operating out of somebody's house, but a quick look at the maps and imagery shows me that it occupies a prestigious location in a downriver industrial park, right along with Doyle Sailmakers, Vector Motorsports, and The Overhead Door Company of TN. These guys roll Gangnam Style.

If your corpse is being flown around between the Netherlands, California and Norway... Do you have to pay extra for a carrion bag ?

Now there's a festival to go to. Does it include zombies and vampires?

Penalty flag thrown at Clankie....horrible...just horible. (lol)

SNORK @Clankie.

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