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September 15, 2012


Do not even bother complaining about this being posted, 'cause the women of the blog will shout you down.

(Thanks to Matt Filar and also thanks to The Blog who refused to post it but nevertheless forwarded it to the s.b. because he knows wha... well, let's just leave it at "thanks.")


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Oh my! I see a couple of the models are Jewish. In order to make a truly intelligent comment I think I'm going to have to study this thought provoking post a few more times. Thank-you Judi! One question. Are the guys included with the purchase? (I was going to ask, "Do they come with this purchase?" but that just didn't sound right.)

Now we know (as if we didn't already!) what Judi does in her spare time - studies comparative anatomy.



I am surprised that they did not hire Anthony Wiener as a model.

Well, now we know what judi likes men to wear under their kilts.

I'd like to register a complaint

Thank you Judi!

*files poker's complaint in trash*

What the...?

"Big enough basket for all your eggs"

I don't get this. We're talking bathing suits, right?

HTF do Eggs come into this?

'Shopped! Well, at least as far as the colors on the identically posed models. And if they "fixed" that who knows what else was felt touched up.

Padraig: To quote Craig Ferguson, "On a good day, lipstick.

You can definitely see what he has. This fella must like was he has and enjoys posing for it. This is what Judy does in her spare time. Thanks.

Funniest looking kilts I ever saw.

Men of the blog: What do those models have, that we don't have more of, eh?

Sounds like some of the blog guys are a little jealous.

We're more than just torsos. We can cook and wash dishes.

Well, gee, thanks. I had to open it out of curiosity, with my wife sitting next to me.
I just got the computer back.
Seemed like forever.



Steve & Wolfie, it's ok if they get hungry on the internet as long as they're home for dinner.

These ladies seem to have contracted a ghastly swelling disease of the loins.

padraig, too right. A glance or two at a menu can work up a good appetite for home cooking.

The guy in the 2nd photo? He used to play classical piano, but he developed a severe case of pianist envy.

What is the term for the male version of camel toe?

I'll bet that Ella Fitzgerald did not have that kind of basket in mind when she wrote A-Tisket A-Tasket (a green and yellow basket)

Women buy men's underwear? Weird.

And cindy, being that the men are wearing underwear, how did you notice that they were Jewish?

I'll take what's behind Door #1.

Cindy: The abs and 0% body fat I'm definitely jealous of. What these guys are packing in their, uh, apparel? Not so much.

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