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September 27, 2012


Horse tells us the impact was so intense he broke several ribs and defecated in his shorts upon impact.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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It must be said: he's pooping wrong.

I know, I know; everyone was thinking it. But I wrote it first!

"just to be safe"? I think that sorta went out the window a couple of decades ago.

obviously unstable

Up until seeing that video, I had never watched a moment of America's Got "Talent".

I now understand why.

and his talent would be.......?

... questionable.

This can only enhance his stature on the interwebs.

What a mucking foron.

I agree 100% with Captain Spoilsport. What a dumb bass.

When I say "dumb bass" I'm referring to the guy in the video and NOT Captain Spoilsport. I just wanted to clear that up.

Chlorine meet gene pool, gene pool meet chlorine.

A lot of us may be feeling that way after 11/6.

Because the stunt went wrong, Horse wound up in intense pain?!?

Hey, if it had gone right, he would still have landed on his nuts...

Look at it this way: this cuts down the chances genius here will ever reproduce.

Somebody called? Oh, nevermind.

If a horse breaks his leg, he gets shot. If Horse breaks his ribs, he ends up on national television?

Either way, someone is either going to be turned into glue, or sounds like they were sniffing glue. Take your pick!

Worst case of false advertising I've ever seen.
America's clearly got NO Talent

Stunt gone wrong? I'm not sure that stunt could've gone right!

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