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August 20, 2012


The "face-kini."

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Well, based om the claimed levels of polution in the PRC, maybe not so dumb.

If I wore one of those into my local Qwik-E-Mart, I'd be shot by Apu! And, no joke, my local service station has a sign on their door reading "No costume masks allowed inside." Darn!

Well, that's SFW.

Preserving one's pale skin, the thinking goes, implies that you lead a pampered, successful life.
If this is true then, as an extremely pale skinned redhead, I must look like the most pampered, successful person in the world!

It's been done before. Remember Ally McBeals Elaine with her Face Bra?

Hainan Island is the same way.

Cindy, speaking as a citizen of the closest part of the US to China, you would be considered a rockstar there.

But women in every country desire to look rich. Some people just take it to extremes, like using toxic lead powders.

"In many cultures, a tan doesn't imply health and leisure, as it often does in Western advertising. Instead, it's seen as a connection to outdoor work, and the peasantry. Preserving one's pale skin, the thinking goes, implies that you lead a pampered, successful life."

Not surprising. Western Civ used to be the same way, apparently, as indicated by poets praising their love's extremely fair skin.

Calling them face condoms would be more like it.

A) Reminds me of the Doctor Who episode with the living mannikins.
2) Cheaper than Botox
iii)Bank robber paradise.

let's just all accept that hiding in a closet is the best SPF available.

Pussy Riot WBAGNFA--oh, wait. They ARE a rock band...

I looks to me like they're going for the "Mexican wrestler" look, but they need to add stripes and lightning bolts and such to their rubber masks.

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