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August 25, 2012


Man convicted of molesting a dead deer and shooting horse to have sex with it 'assaulted female cop after shoplifting from Walmart'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Come on, y'all without sin can start chucking rocks.



Fleas are not usually considered STDs but in this case, they may be.
Also, I broke my tail bone once. Really. The doctor told me that a cast was impractical but, if I wanted, he could give me my a$$ in a sling.

Amazingly, this did not take place in Florida.

That's what I said when I sent it in, Dmentd.

I now fully subscribe to nursecindy's theory that "crazy gas" is regularly pumped through the ventilation system in all Walmarts.

Maybe he thought that he was an animal too. Attracted to animals like that is SAD! Notice how stories like these seem to include Walmart somewhere in it.

Obviously a Packer backer..

Charles Manson Deer Humpers of America?

I saw the headline and my first thought was Sheboygan, but Superior makes sense too.

Also, please note that the perpetrator originated from Illinois, and they are welcome to reclaim him. If they're too busy, we'll do the usual duct-tape-and-a-bus-ticket reverse extradition.

I absolutely believe Walmart pumps crazy gas through their air vents. It's the only possible explanation. You beat me to it Wiredog.

Jeff/NC, I don't think WalMart has to pump any crazy gas. Crazies are somehow drawn there; maybe they have weirdness magnets.

If it's the only way you can get a date...

Animal husbandry?

If he's so hot to kill/assault animals, how 'bout putting an ankle bracelet on him and turning him loose in the Everglades? Maybe it's time to give Bambi and Trigger a break. (Bet those Florida pythons give real good hugs.)

RIP Neil Armstrong.

The confrontation required an X-ray??

Well I won't sleep tonight. Snooki's in labor.

Maybe he'll give an interview and talk about the "bad choices" he made.

It's too bad he got caught, he was one offense away from a Bingo!

Neil Armstrong and Floyd Pepper on the same day? This is the saddest day of my life.

This is one guy that will probably get left alone in the slammer

Except for the dissing of a lady cop this is all nothing but kerfluffel.

Don't the Brits have their own weirdos to report on?

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