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August 26, 2012


...you're talking Tampa.


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GOod luck Dave. I hope you'll be giving us on scene reporting from the strip club(s). After all, that is where most of the delegates will be spending the week, right?

Dave, if you leave right now, you might still be able to get over one of the bridges and come to Clearwater. I've got a guest room with no cockroaches, and the nearest strip joint is only a few miles away. So is the original Hooters. I live at On Top of the World, where the average age is 102 and everyone's harmless, except on voting day when they get to punch chads.

The offer's open. Less excitement, but at least I'm in a non-evac zone.

Oh, and I used to be "ubetcha" but Pypetad has taken away my identity. Now it's calling me by real name, which I didn't know it had. I guess you can run, but forget about hiding...

If I knew you were coming to Tampa, I would have rented you a room free of roaches. And with the storm approaching, we are stocked up on beer!

yep. its tinfoil hat time in tampa.

I assume " Surf's Up ! " .

Well this is just great. Tampa gets Dave and we don't. Any thoughts about covering the DNC here in Charlotte?

ubetcha, your name is Ncoan1? hmm different.

Please be safe, Dave.

Between Isaac and the strippers, lots will be get blown...away.

Wow, Dave, I hope the hot air doesn't do too much damage to you; I also hope Isaac doesn't affect you either. :)

cindy, if Dave is in Tampa it's only fair he come to Tampa too so get your guest room ready.

In the meanwhile, a question: hasn't New Orleans been through enough?

Finally, some hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners, tough-on-the-issues reporting. It's the least we can expect from Candidate Barry. I expect him to be nominated at both the Republican AND Democratic conventions. The surging juggernaut has no limits!

Dave, the roaches and strippers may be much better company than the delegates of either party most of the time.

I agree Jeff but I think you gave Tampa too much credit there. Dave you should know that N.C. has the best BBQ anywhere. We also have some fairly long sidewalks and I think there are some strippers in Charlotte. I've never actually seen any but I'm sure there are one or two around.

Oops, I meant Charlotte not Tampa. But you knew that.

Dave, bummer than they cancelled Llynrd Skynnrd (sp?) for nothing. That would have been worth the price of admission. Meanwhile, are you bored out of your skull yet? Now that Isaac is not going to touch us, maybe you want to get on up to New Orleans where the party will really be.

Dave, look out! It's Trump's hair and it's heading right for you!

Dave, Dave, Dave....being a Canadian and owning a proprty just north of Clearwater, I could identify with some of the issues you were discussing.

Reading your piece, I chuckled from the very beginning. But when I arrived at the paragraph concerning Trump, I completely lost it. My wife, in the other room, came in to ask me what was making me so hysterical.

Dave, I was having a bad day until then. I lost several thousand dollars on the markets, and I was feeling rather glum.

You managed to make my day pleasant. Thanks.

Dave - Of course your next to a strip club. Tampa has the highest number of strip clubs per-capita in America. That's why Magic Mike was based here, since Changing Tatum was a stripper here

Whose brilliant idea was it to have a convention in Tampa during hurricane season?

The same genius who said, "You know what would endear the American voting public to our party? A series of debates with all the great candidates we have running for President!"

I heard on the news this morning that The Donald has cancelled his plans for Tampa. He was worried his hair would get mussed.

Ah, Tampa, redefining the term "Strip Mall" for decades to come.
And who, here, would pay good money to see the Donald's hair caught in a hurricane? Which is stronger: the storm or his weapons-grade hair spray?

While you are waiting for an open table at the strip club, remember big Bill Clinton agreed to give the keynote speech at the upcoming Democratic Convention. Today's young adults were only seven during the Monica scandal. They may have been lousy in math and science but they could spell fellatio younger than any other generation in history.


Forget Clearwater; you should have gotten a place on the beach. I'd have offered you mine, but it's already rented. But I'm pretty sure the rental agency had others.

I've been to that Hooters. Ironically, it was quite disappointing on the ... ramparts scale.

I wonder is Dave interviewed Lisa Ann, who is in Tampa for a two-nighter? She's the star of Who's Nailin' Paylin.

You left McDill AFB off the list. No military town is complete without lots of strip clubs, tattoo parlors and pawn shops, although that is not the reason I stayed in the military for 31 years.

Larry: you got me by 10.

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