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August 24, 2012


Many Americans would rather scrub toilet than create new password

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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It's not the creating of new passwords but remembering them!

That's why the vast number of passwords are "password".

I'd hurt the son-of-a-witch who invented a password-protected toilet.
I'd kill him if it were low-flow.

I believe the programers left a password for emergency access to toilets: "letmeinbeforeIknockthisdoordown".

The unspoken IT motto: If the user can remember it, it's not a secure password.

I am not sure about that, been in a couple of gas station rest rooms that the only way to clean them would be to burn them. However remember, a toilet seat is usually cleaner than the sponge on your kitchen sink.

oldfatguy: You can sterilize a (wet) sponge by putting it in the microwave for two minutes. That's hard to do with a toilet seat.

When our heads finally explode, there will be those twisted, upper and lower case codes against different backgrounds flying all around in the air.

But then you can hit the reset button and try again

So it's 2 minutes for a sponge? I've been using 1 minute.

Passwords are such a pain. Using something other than real words, adding numbers and/or special characters, using upper and lower case letters. Then remembering them! As well as remembering which password goes with which login. Besides which, at work we have to change them regularly.

Wouldn't you just like to hurt the people who hack into sites, therefore forcing us to come up with hard to remember passwords to keep them from doing bad things?

I also hate people who create and spread viruses. Sorry, end rant. It just seems like destruction for no purpose. It causes people issues when they're just trying to get work done.

My next password will definitely be "sterlizedsponge."

And lo and behold, I am ubetcha again. PypeTad probably took my firstborn child.

OT if the topic is ranting about passwords:

- memorize 6 four-character "secure" combinations
- assign each a single-character "name"
- combine them two or three at a time in various orders to generate ultra-secure passwords
- record them in plain sight using their names.

For example, my UToob password could be noted as 3Etwo, CfiveB, etc. I know how that translates to the actual 12-character string, but I can email it to myself or jot it on a Post-It at my desk, and it's still secure.

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