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August 27, 2012


The Gop gets wild and crazy.


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Presumably, Dave already has the nomination in his pocket. Which is why he is constantly being stopped and searched.

Or, as the old political saying goes, is that a nomination in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Dave, this is the kind of thoughtful, insightful convention coverage we can use! Well done, sir.

Have a beer on the blog. Hell, have a dozen.

They could have just nominated Dave today and sent everyone home.

That's right just nominate Dave.

Time for the Presidential Q & A to open back up. A well-informed electorate is essential to democracy, Dave.

We want Dave! We want Dave!

We want Dave! We want Dave!

or even Dave.

“We Can Do Better, But Not Until Tuesday.”
I can tell this is Dave and not the Republicans.
Have you ever HEARD a Republican joke?
Well, neither have I. But I bet it isn't as funny as the weird stuff Dave probably mumbles in his sleep.

Daveeee You even make politics fun..Your like the fun fairy putting funtime dust on all the boring crap..No wait..that would be Tinkerbell.

In 1932 the Oklahoma delegation to the Democratic Convention actually threw their votes to Will Rogers, who was there doing pretty much what Dave is doing in Tampa. There were people who actually took it seriously, though, and were calling for him to get to the stand and speak. Unfortunately for the nation he was asleep in the press booth and didn't find out until it was over.

Hey!! some of us Repubs CAN dance!!

Awesome coverage, Dave!

If everyone has a good time, maybe they'll decide to have one of these things every three years instead of every four.

Given that the party was at Tropicana Field I hope orange juice and, more importantly, vodka, were involved.

So when Republicans dance they do the "Boys kicking a dead squirrel" dance popularized by Bill Gates et alia at Comdex some years back?

Hey, when Republicans sing and dance it is usually a painful experience, like this.

I saw Full-Body Vagina Costume open for The Cramps

You're all missing Dave's most important point: when the Democrats are in charge, the food and drink lines are long and they run out in twenty minutes. Deep in your hearts, you *know* this is more important than dancing, right?... *S*

I'm with Jeff. We want Dave! We want Dave! Dave NOW!

What do you mean, no Republican jokes? Here's a few, just off the top of my head:

Two Republicans walk into a bar, stage a leveraged buy-out, lay off half the staff, and sell the assets to a Chinese company.

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are walking driving down a road, and they see Donald Trump out in the middle of a field, sitting in a row boat. Sarah shouts at him, "You idiot! You give Republicans a bad name! If I could swim, I'd come out there and kick your ass!"

Thad McCotter.

Actually, there are just oodles (my mother's term) of Republican jokes out there.
I was referring to jokes TOLD by Republicans.
As a former Republican, I can remember being so serious about things back then that I got butt cramps.

Ah, I see. Well, I can try to think of some, but it might take a while.

Bill Clinton was enlisted to do TV ads in which He will look into the camera and say He thinks Obama is the clear choice. The ads could be very effective. A whole generation of voters are too young to remember what it means when he bites his lower lip.

I am so jealous of Dave. The Oak Ridge Boys will be singing at the convention tonight and I love them!

WOW! I want to vote for the headphone and/or shoe spammer! Anybody this verbose and incomprehensible is obviously qualified to lead the Free World!!! Someday our children will memorize his inspiring words: Affordable Beats By Dre Cheap this particular add-on permits one to proceed about whenever you arrive throughout your do it yourself within feelings

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