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August 28, 2012


Chasing Huckabee, finding Vermin Supreme.



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Since Dave is being distracted from blogging by those meanies from the Herald who insist he go to the Olympics and the Republican Convention, here is big news out of Flathead County.

Oh and congrats on meeting VS, Dave. Looks like he changed his boot recently.

It just goes to prove the old adage: wherever crazy people get together, there are lots and lots of crazy people.

Nice picture Dave but no blue shirt. Looks nice though

Hillary Clinton said she's made plans to step down as Secretary of State at the end of the term. It's not easy for her to do. Hillary Clinton once tried to resign from the Obama Administration and the Capitol Police arrested her for leaving the scene of an accident.

With all due respect Mr.Supreme, you look like a deranged garden gnome. However, that does not mean I won't consider voting for you.

The Washington Examiner reports that Hillary Clinton rebuffed White House feelers last week to be Obama's running mate. Happy days were here again for comedians. The Clintons aren't even back in the White House yet and already someone's getting felt up.

Here's Dave with Mr Supreme in NY in 2004

Dave has hardly changed! Unlike VS ...

I'm willing to bet Mr. Supreme was more entertaining than Huckabee or the rest of the Republicans.

Here is Dave with Mr. Supreme in New Hampshire in 2008.

Looks like the GOP used the same ID designers as the Olympic people. I think you could see that thing from space.

mostly young, some wearing bandanas to protect their secret identities from ... I don’t really know. Maybe their parents.
Missing the first week of college classes.

Mr. Supreme looks like a Confederate general, circa 1863. One of the successful ones.

Omni, there were successful ones? I thought the Confederates lost; silly me.

Vermin Supreme WBA very bad name for a pizza.

Mr. Supreme has a very large (ahem) ball...Why am I not surprised by the fact that it is blue?

Would Dave consider Mr. Supreme as a running mate? Or visaversa?
What dear? He's not? Oh. I'll go take down the signs.

I assume that Mr. Supreme's middle name is Reigns?

When I first saw that photo, I thought Dave was hugging Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

(Ask your kids..)

He said he wants "to harness the awesome power of zombies" by putting them on treadmills and using them to generate electricity. He notes that "there has never been an accident resulting from a zombie escape from a licensed zombie generating facility."

He has my vote!

The press pass seems kinda puny compared to the London Olympic badges. NTTAWWT

From the picture, I initially thought that VS was Papa Smurf gone bad. It's a BOOT! That clears everything up.
And I like the idea of zombies at political conventions except for the fact that most would starve to death, again.
Assuming that legitimate correspondents like Dave were unavailable.

Is Vermin German? He would make a great Hun, hon.

@nursecindy: That was my thought as well--a garden gnome on steroids, possibly doing publicity for Travelocity while all the out-of-towners were in the area.

I vote Papa Smurf too. A smurf that became mean, like in GRAPES OF WRATH.

Dmentd - There were many successful CSA commanders, if you define "success" properly. For example, "nothing like Oliver O. Howard," would be one good definition. (Google the little prat to see what I mean.) Some of the positive examples that come to mind are Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, William "Grumble" Jones, and of course, Hezikiah "Boothead" Supreme. In 1861, he raised a volunteer regiment of light infantry from the backwoods of Louisiana, and dressed them, at his own expense, in what he perceived to be the latest European military fashion. Unfortunately (or otherwise, depending on your taste, I guess,) this, in his mind, meant something different from the then-trendy Zouave uniforms adopted by many other enthusiastic units. And so the first battles of the Civil War saw his regiment field 835 young African-American women in sequined ball gowns, reflecting the unit's nickname, "The Supremes." An Alabama regiment, retreating from a Union advance at first Bull Run, was halted by its Colonel, who shouted, "There stands old what's his name with a boot on his head! Rally behind the Supremes!" and the nickname stuck.

And by the way, Dave: you were part of a mob, chasing Mike Huckabee? Didn't the Secret Service object to the torches and pitchforks?

i heard there were 4 journalists to every 1 conventioneer. they wind up interviewing each other!

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