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August 31, 2012


Large yard blob identified as mushroom

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I think I saw Large Yard Blog open for Def Leopard, once.

Either that or uncle Ralph after an all-nighter.


Good grief! Haven't ya'll northerners ever seen a Puffball mushroom? We get them all the time and usually just run over them with the lawnmower. Don't kick them though because they are messy.

There's something sinister going on in our veggie patch. It's happened again.

nc, No puffballs here, but I get these weird hard shelled mushrooms that look like little skulls popping out of the ground.

It's either a puffball or Newt stepped in a hole again.

If it was in a lawn chair admiring its 2004 Palme D'Or ", it wasn't a mushroom.

I was afeared this was about me.

Not in Flathead County??

Jan, get the right agent and your tomatoes could end up doing porn

These things are also called 'devils snuff'. If you break them open, the spores make a cloud of fine brown powder. I suppose that's what Cindy meant by messy.

So many questions: Did they try to lick it? Can you eat it? And most important of all - Michigan Mushroom Hunters?

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