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August 27, 2012


The gift that is sure to offend and protect.

(Thanks to Paul Perrone)

UPDATE: We knew we had seen it somewhere. Please do not tell The Blog.


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muy popular among bank robbers.

Dave posted this last week.

tsk tsk

The goggles make the ensemble work.

Judi once kindly pointed out that I had emailed a story that was, um, maybe a few (like 52) weeks old, so let me just say "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!"

Still, I think this story bears repeating, especially for the photos. It's interesting to speculate, too, which people of both genders we'd prefer would adopt this fashion trend. I can think of a few politicians who might garner more votes that way.

judi you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fired.

The best reaction to the face-kini story so far: http://www.hulver.com/scoop/story/2012/8/22/204410/074.

It quotes "Alice's Restaurant".

Very flattering, in a re-purposed garbage sack sort of way.

Shhh. Dave is at clueless central (the RNC) so he probably won't even be aware of what's going on. What with the huge brain cell vacuum there, I'd say Judy is safe for now.

The Face-Kini. It's great for daytime fun and also doubles as a mask when you rob a convenience store that night! I love multi-purpose accessories.

Based on the stories I'm seeing, if Dave actually made it to the convention, let alone got inside, he's doing better than most.

Apparently, the secret service has banned umbrellas, among other artifacts.

Also, this AM, one journo reported that the RNC selected Tampa some years ago, based on the unlikelihood of there being a Hurricane. God or nature or someone is sending us a clear message, here. Maybe it's the bears and monkeys.

Omni...I'm still waiting for the Official Damnation Assessors to explain why Tampa and the Republicans merit divine wrath. The theo/meteorogolists are running late this time.

I like how people are worried about facial recognition software and the chance of having their whereabouts being tracked and yet they carry their cell phones everywhere they go.

Oh, goody. Is every thread here will be political trolling until the end of the convention?

I can turn my cellphone off if I'm worried about tracking.

Captain S, we'd be making the same jokes about the democrats if they were in Tampa. We're equal opportunity trollers.

That's not much comfort, wiredog. I assume it just means that I need to tune out the comments during the DNC in Charleston.
Usually the blog is a happy respite from that kind of baloney.

Sorry, Cap'n, but with Dave in Tampa and Charlotte, the blog will probably not be "a happy respite" ...

Is that respite with a 'spit' or respite with a sprite?

Is that respite with a 'spit' or respite with a sprite?

>> with Dave in... Charlotte <<

Can you say this on a family blog ?

Captain and WV, don't worry about the political comments! It's a competition. We Republicans have more stupid than you Democrats can possibly raise! We can out-Biden you with our eyes closed. We've got Akin! This is our week! We'll give our best; give it a chance, and you can try to out-stupid us starting September 4.

I can see these things being a great boon to people who would just like a little privacy, like maybe Justin Bieber or, say, Barry Manilow, or...oh yes, bank robbers! Plus I can think of a few people who should be forced to wear them for the common good.

Wiredog - Sure, but then it's not so much a phone as a pocketweight and when you turn it on to use it "they" know where you are again. The tinfoil hat will only work if you wrap it around the phone and - bam! - it's a pocketweight again!

"Scott, I can turn my cellphone off if I'm worried about tracking."

Better take the battery out also...

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