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August 30, 2012


Ridley and I will be in NYC September 19 helping give out some free tickets to Peter and the Starcatcher. Come see us, and bring your mustache.


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Yar! This he best day of the year!!!!

Aye, me hearties! I be screeching like a seagull at The Birds on the Wednesday. Arrrrrr!

Will you still be expecting gifts this year PB?

Does my mustache need to be in a clear Ziploc bag?

What if we already have our own real mustache? What if we've already seen the show? What if we can't stop asking what if questions?

*smacks self*

That's better. Carry on.

Sounds like fun. Wear a mustache. I'll bet the show is good.

where wwill you be???? i will be in nyc coming back, i think from my rosh ha-shana-nah trip to my family...... mayhap i can connect up with ye, me hearties....


That is all.

NC, somehow, UPS must have accidentally lost your gift(s) from last year, and the year before, and the year before that....

Personally, I hope you had everything insured! Might I suggest that you try FedEx this time?

I can't wait to hear Mrs. PirateBoy exclaim "Nice package!"

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