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August 27, 2012


"The world just got another Guido!!"

(Thanks to People Who Shall Not Be Named)


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Should someone let her know that disposible diapers aren't part of the laundry?

Animal print onesies? Nooooo! NMUA, I hope someone tells Snooki that you have to change the diapers occasionally.

And the so-called United Nations does nothing...

Has she been advised as to what might have caused such an event?

How long before "Snooki Spawn" is an (un)real Reality show?

or Guido for those of you following along at home.

"He has his Father's eyes!"

Y'know, I wouldn't put it past Snooki to spell it "Giudo" on the birth certificate.

Neil Armstrong dies and Snooki give birth. The circle of life isn't what it used to be.

We really have got to start putting some restrictions on who's allowed to give birth around here. I mean, really!

Poor little bastard.

Isn't "giving birth" a euphemism for, you know, #2.

"Snooki Spawn". I'd watch that Steve. I might turn the channel when they visit the local river......

Darwin just lost another one. Devolution on a stick.

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